Age 3: The first day I remember about my LKG, is a fine sunny day and I am crying and following my mother out of my class room. The KG teacher is trying to put me on hold. My first movie in theatre, a Malayalam movie named Vaishali. I remember this because I swallowed my ring on that day, which led to a lot of complications.

Age 4: I started to write with my right hand. (I used to write with left hand till then, and that too the mirror image of all alphabets!)

1st Standard: Started playing and watching cricket.I lost my first teeth, I removed it myself, and kept it inside a small purse.

2nd Standard: kabbadi and beach. Started reading Balarama, Poompatta, unnikkuttan, Ambili Ammavan, Tinkle etc.

3rd Standard: started freaking out with friends. Started eating chewing gums, pickles, ice and all the food stuff you could think about in a small village shop. I had more than 5 teeth in my collection, my mom found out, threw them away.

4th Standard: My first excursion from school. It was to Alappuzha, a place famous for backwaters in Kerala. My first English movie: Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon.”My first Crush.

5th Standard: Learned how to ride a cycle.

6th Standard: My first year with spectacles. (I packed it when I was in 8th, but got once more in 12th). The first English Novel that I read, The hound of Baskervilles by A C Doyle

7th Standard: Badminton. My second Crush. My first Mallu Novel: Ummaachu by Uroob. My first movie with friends.

8th Standard: I became my class representative. Started Watching Star Movies.

9th Standard: The first day I used a telephone (I mean our own telephone).

10th Standard: Learned to ride a scooter, started eating non veg. Learned How to use a computer

11th Standard: My first days in a hostel, started traveling alone (now I enjoy it!). Also I lost count of my crushes.

12th Standard: I learned to use internet, Pornography.

Engg. 1st year: Table Tennis, Started talking in English, also started traveling alone to madras. Playing Holi, Night outs, last day Xeroxing and mugging!

2nd Year: Coordships, Secretary Posts. Started putting effort to learn Tamil (I can manage it now) Rock Music, Yahoo Messenger and all comp related stuff like removing hard discs, RAM, installing OS/ Softwares etc. Also learnt German (remember nothing now!)

3rd Year: Orkutting, Blogging, got my driving license and passport. Had an exposure to the corporate world.

4th Year: Bunking classes, realized the importance of networking, and still learning…