Finally the cat is over. Seriously speaking, I never wanted to go for MBA. But the reason why I gave cat was I believe in destiny rather than me dictating my future, and it had worked so far.

Looking back to my school days, I never wanted to be in the sciences field. I used to love geography at that time. I always thought I will do my higher studies in geography. Then a horrible thing happened. I came out as the school topper. I was not bad in school, but never thought I will top, especially considering that I never studied Hindi, and I used to score low in that. In high schools, one can always get away mugging the previous year question papers (In fact it is true even in engineering colleges, with IIT being no exception). And fortunately or unfortunately they repeated the question paper and I cracked the paper. I still regret for the fact that I never learned Hindi, I believe it was a grave error committed by me. After my results, everyone advised me to go for engineering or medicine. And one person wisely advised me that I can always come back to geography anytime I want, and most of the people take it only as a hobby than a career. Oh boy! I believed him.

Then I thought, ok, let me try for medicine. I liked (still like!) human physiology a lot. So I opted for the stream Bio Maths (the plus two system didn’t have the exclusive bio stream). After a few days, Biochemistry and Botany started pulling me down. I started hating those subjects. At this time, I was faring very well in maths, and hence I made a prompt decision, and switched to the engineering stream.

In my 12th, my aim was clear the Kerala entrance exam and get into REC. Somehow I pulled off a miracle; I cleared JEE and reached IIT.  And that’s where I am right now.

In my third year as I was still searching around for my areas of interest, this crazy idea of belling the cat came to my mind. Instantaneously I joined the cat coaching classes. I attended the classes till the vacations, during which I went to GE Bangalore for my summer interns. This time, I accidentally found out my ‘area of interest’! Blimey! I realized I have the perseverance and dedication to go for research and development in materials science. Instantaneously I decided I am going to go for higher studies!

My cat preparations went off the rails this year. I started working for my higher studies applications. In between, came the auspicious occasion to “bell” the cat. The only thing which was driving me to go for belling the cat was my belief in destiny. I gave the exam. As expected, I screwed it up. I did what I can, but I believe, it needed more preparation from my part.

No regrets. I am happy that I am able to clear up and work harder to shatter my prejudices about destiny, and dictate my future. The oblivion regarding my future is no more! Yes! I am awake…. I am back to reality.

Wondering if it is the same destiny, which has made me what I am, that has helped me to break the shackles of  my blind belief in destiny! Shit, I am confused!

Here the power of positive thinking sees me through! I started believing in reality. Speaking about it, reality has a price to pay… Nothing comes off free. I know I need to work my way up, and I am confident about it.

Lessons I learnt after my attempt to bell the cat:

  1. I choose my destiny.
  2. Nothing comes for free.
  3. To be what I am and to achieve what I want to should be my aim.
  4. Finally don’t over plan myself. It’s not the path which I take matters, it’s my vision, my take on things and finally what I achieve, i.e. believe in long term goals than short term ones. Take things as it comes, keeping in mind my ultimate goal.

Now I have to mug for tomorrow’s test. I don’t want to goof it up. (See, I am already on track!!)