Yesterday, Vibin, Vimal and I paid a visit to KFI at Greenways Road, 20 minutes from IIT Main Gate. On reaching there, a big pool of water welcomed us. After rolling our pants up and virtually swimming through the pool, we entered the “Vasantha Vihar” as it is called.
The whole vihar is very serene, with absolute silence and freshness around. There are guest houses and villas, where one can take his weekend off, away from the otherwise busy and tense outer world. We went straight into the study, and were assisted by a foreign lady, who has taken over the charge of the study yesterday. In the study, there are books, cds, cassettes and video cassettes. Most of them are the talks given by Jiddu Krishamurthy at various places in the world. As there was only one of the T V sets that were free at that time, I went on to watch an introductory video about Krishnamurthy, while Vimal and Vibin were scanning through the books that were available.
The video more or less covered the life of JK. It also had excerpts of some of the most important ideas that he had about life. As he has given talks for more than 45 years in his life, he has more or less voiced his opinion in all phases of one’s life. So it is very difficult to comment on his opinions, as there is bound to be huge differences in opinion from his views. What I gather about his basic principle in life is to be free from all prejudices, and do what you want, without getting influenced by any entity. He calls us to go ahead and be free from all dogma, and live a life of our own.
Before leaving, the lady asked me: “How does it feel?”
I replied: “It is too early for me to comment about it, I need more time to go through his works before coming out with an opinion. The opinion that I have now is very premature, and I am afraid, it might not be the right one”
True. I am yet to frame an opinion about JK. One hand his principles and ideas about life in general is great and very much true. But on the other hand, his opinion about the aspects of life is somewhat difficult to digest. So I appreciate some of his teachings, while detest many of his ideas. I really need more time to think about it.

“The teachings are not something out there in a book; what the teachings say is, ‘Look at yourself, go into yourself, inquire into what is there, understand it, go beyond it’, and so on. The teachings are only a means of pointing, explaining, but you have to understand, not the teachings, but yourself.– Krishnamurthy.

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