One of the songs that have always been at the top of my favorites list is “But it rained”, composed by an Indian rock band named Parikrama. I have listened to two of their songs and I found both of these songs very good. They have tried to create an identity of their own through these songs. If I can rate them based on these two songs that I have heard, they are nothing short of world class. Ever wondering since then, what it this band up to these days? I have not heard about this band making any headlines anywhere.

Then I happen to stumble upon this news. Parikrama is singing a song, on the occasion of Bill Gates releasing the next generation of integrated computing platform from Microsoft – Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and BizTalk Server 2006 in India on December 9, 2005. I found this band over there, with their latest song, named super hero, dedicated to all software professionals. The song can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. Parikrama, again has been able to come up with a very neat song. Though I would not rate this as high as “but it rained” or “till I am no one again”, this song is very decent, and the band has yet again proved that they are as good as any other band around the world.

I believe Parikrama and Moksha, will come up and represent India in the arena, which so far has been untouched by us,

Rock. They really rock!

Their songs have the attitude and identity required to be noticed…

Yo… they really rock and they can make it big.

Kudos to these front runners in the Indian rock!

The songs can be downloaded free from their websites.

Song: But it rained
Artist: Parikrama

Wrapped in a polythene, tucked away safe in my mind
A little goodbye, maybe, or just a passing smile

The birds fly away to the sky still searching for home
a bunch o’ paper flowers, or a little child left all alone
Can somebody hear me, I’m screaming from so far away
morning who’ll calm you, the evening’s eclipsed again

Well does life get any better
more yesterday than today
how I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
but it rained…

They justified the cause for which Daddy might give up his life,
it’s been so long, so long a time but still I miss Daddy at night
The ache is long gone but the never keeps staring at me
the waters in the seas are high, and all the sand castles have drowned

Well does life get any better
more yesterday than today
how I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
but it rained…