This issue has been in the news for a while now and the discussion on the issue has somewhat subsided by now. But I just wonder about the mental state of call center employees now. Have they recovered from the mental shock that raises serious questions about their security? This issue has been a wake up call to all the BPOs, to tighten the security measures in their “outsourced” transportation services, especially those that are sent to pick up women. I believe the bus services are better than the single cab that has been sent (it’s similar to carpooling, where three or four of the employees go in a single car).

Another observation is that women need to be more precautious while getting into the car that has been sent to pick them up especially at the night time. I read somewhere that the same person who did this heinous act, the “faked” car driver tried to pick two other women working in the same firm, but they smelled something fishy, and refused to get into the car. And the actual cab was on its way to pick these ladies. This calls for a minor negligence from the part of the lady, who had to unfortunately pay a huge price for that act.

I believe it is always better to confirm in case of any doubts than take the word of the driver. A call to the center to confirm the identity of the driver probably would have saved her life. Moreover, there has to be some kind of identity card for the cab driver that can ensure that she is being picked by the right cab / person.

Hope the BPO companies learn a good lesson or two from this unfortunate incident.

Another thing that I found interesting is Bush’s message to the Americans

This is a rather funny speech by the great President of United States. Especially his comments on the so called “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq are extremely hilarious.
I believe Bush has realized that he cannot still cover up his motive behind the Iraq attack, under the pretext of destroying the “weapons of mass destruction”. He admits that there has been a flaw (he tries to trivialize it!) in the intelligence reports about the weapons of mass destruction. Hence he changes the objective of Iraqi attack to eradicating the dictatorship of Saddam, hence freeing the Iraq Junta, now providing them with security, democracy and reconstruction. Very easy to change the war objectives at the hindsight, right?

Moreover he calls for patience from the US Citizens regarding withdrawing the troops. He feels that the credibility of American War against terrorism will be questioned if he withdraws the troops before completing the rehabilitation of Iraq. I just cannot understand how is he going to withdraw the troops, and what great explanation will he give at that point. He tends to understand and acknowledge the sentiments of the American citizens whose kin were sacrificed for the noble act of fight against terrorism.
Wow! Great Mr. President! Kudos to you!

Finally some entertainment too! Found this website while browsing,

A pretty neat radio station, if you like western music, Pandora is much better that yahoo radiocast.

Wishing everyone who happen to stumble in this webpage a great week ahead, and happy Christmas and a warm New Year..