Time for yet another warm new year and the dawns of 2006 are knocking at the door. Before moving afresh into the new year, its customary for me to write out the new year resolutions. About the new year resolutions, I have always made it a point to make a list of resolutions,ever since my school days. I find it very easy to make a list as I need to just append the previous list with some more resolutions as the years pass by. Shady me!

{On retrospection, 2005 has been a yet another year, which was action packed till the end (hmmm… it turned out to be somewhat sluggish in the end, thanks to the weather at madras).
I had a lot of accomplishments as well as failures. I made many acquaintances, and many left me without leaving a note of good bye. I learnt new things through out the year, many of them as it came and some them in the hard way.At the end of the day, I am satisfied and happy with what I am and who I am, and the rest is immaterial. I thank God for providing my with another totally different year of life on this good earth.

An incident that will remain with me forever, is the loss of one of my closest friends Kannan, who was in NIT Jaipur, in an unfortunate Bike Accident on the black saturday of January 8th 2005. It has been the shocker of the year so far}

Coming back to the New Year resolutions, my resolutions for 2006 begin with the routine ones.

1. I need to manage my time in a better way. A timetable should be made and followed
2. I need to devote more time on academics. After all, that is what I am here for.
3. I will not postpone things to the eleventh hour
4. I will do sandhya vandan once in a while, and pray to God daily
5. I will not waste time by stumbling upon arbitrary websites (new)
6. I will not skip anymore break fasts.
7. I will not lie to my mother, and try to be as truthful as I can to her.
8. I will reduce the frequency of checking my mails from 300 times a day to 5 times a day (new)
9. Reduce the no. of sms from 30-60/ day to a bare minimum
(The last two are concentration spoilers, I need concentration for longer periods)
10. I will try my hand in more serious reading than the regular cheap fictions.
11. I will clean the room daily, and wash clothes regularly.
12. I will not blog again in my anonymous blog id, where I have put all my dirty fantasiesgiving vent to my emotions (I have already deleted the posts, but the blog remains!)
13. I will try to stick to these resolutions as much as I can, irrespective of the situation and logical justifications

The list is highly incomplete, and will be updated in due course before the new year. Now its time for me to enjoy to the fullest, the breaking the resolutions that I made last year, so that I won’t be tempted to break them again next year :P.