My college campus (IIT Madras) is huge with 650 acres of land. Out of the 650 acres, around 86% is the forest area inhabited by wild animals like spotted deers, blackbucks, monkeys and a large variety of reptiles and birds. Only 14% is occupied with the academic buildings, hostels, play grounds,shops and staff quarters. A really great campus indeed.

Today, I happen to come across the carcass of a male spotted deer. This deer was full grown, and the workers in IIT were burying it. I just hung around the place out of curiosity, so was a female spotted deer. Was there a drop of tear in its eyes? I guess so! I thought it was recalling the priceless (copyright: Mastercard) moments spent with the stag.

Later on, I recollected the fact that spotted deers live in large herds having a large number of females and a few stags. If that is to be true, the female deer that was around was just another curious bystander like me. But I am sure I have seen a drop of tear in its eyes.May be I am imagining things, but I refuse to admit it.

There are very few species on the earth other than humans that is bounded by emotional relationship between the couples (There is a reference in ramayana about the krauncha midhuna , a really touching story). Monkeys, for instance, has relationship that looks more physical/mechanical than emotional.

The stag leaves this wonderful earth, without leaving a trace of its life on earth, with noone to lament over its death, or noone to remember about its stay on this world.

I am lucky to be born as a human being, with a lot of people caring about me.

To the dead stag and its eternal soul, I dedicate this post.

(Talking about the word “eternal”, there is a very nice movie which I recently happen to see
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It is one of the best movies that I have seen recently)