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Starting Point: Bommenahalli
Destination: Chennai

After waiting for half an hour in the travel agency office, the bus to madras came at 10.00 pm.As I was totally absorbed in malgudi days, I was in no mood to board the bus. Oh man! What a book it is! R K Narayan is one of the best writers that I have ever read so far.

After getting settled in my seat, I opened the window to escape from the suffocating odour of the agarbathis lighted in the bus. By 10.30, almost all the people in the bus were asleep, and I was watching the splendid buildings in the electronic city. The buildings of Infosys, are real architecture marvels, thanks to Hafeez Contractor for coming up with those world class designs. The sight of the long road with building on both sides, illuminated by the street lamps is something very special. The signboards of Biocon also blended beautifully with its surroundings. These are the rare occasions when I really felt the need for a digital camera to capture those moments. I really miss them.

By 11.00 PM, I was the only person awake apart from the driver, thanks to the rhythmic snores of my neighbour! I could see the long lines of Trucks, waiting to get the traffic cleared, and I realized that I am nearing Hosur. Finally the bus went past the arch, on which it is written “Thank you for visiting Karnataka State” and after a few meters came the welcome note from the Tamil Nadu State.

After going past the Ashok Leyland factory, I checked my mobile phone status, and its still in roaming, and the place is shown as Attibele. I was wondering the plight (?) of the inhabitants of Hosur with the cell phone network. They may be getting roaming signals at one moment and the normal ones at the other! Hope the network won’t crash in such situations of intermittent roaming and the normal signals! I waited hoping that I will be receiving the normal signal, as I had to send a few messages to my friends. The balance in my phone was Rs 4.16, and with that, I can send just one message in roaming.

I don’t know how long I waited, sometime after Hosur, I slipped into oblivion, and the scenes that were moving past me went hazy, later to be replaced by the simulations of my mind! I could visualize the last three days of my stay in Bangalore coming and going past my mind. At one moment I was enjoying the Ian Anderson show, chatting with my friends at the other and at my achol’s (auntie) place in another moment. After what seemed to be a short nap for half an hour, I woke up, picked the cell phone from the floor (it had slipped from my hand…) and checked the status, which showed Guindy, I got up, picked my baggages, ran to the door and got out of the bus and walked straight on the lonely road towards the bus stop. The time was 4.00 AM.