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Mclaren unveils the new striking chrome livery in their car, which looks fabulous. This is a facelift from the silver and black model they have been using since 97. This change is believed to be the precursor to the arrival of mobile phone giants vodafone as the main sponsor of the Mclaren F1 team in 2007.

Hope this year gives it a great start for what it is predicted to be a golden period for them, with Alonso coming into the line up in 2007 and join Montoya, and with a strong backing of Vodafone. They are expecting to rewrite the record books in the coming years, bettering their dream run from 88-92 when Senna and Prost were invincible, or the Schumacher era in Ferrari. But they will have to face tough competition from Ferrari, with the speculated line up of Kimi Raikkonen and the one and only one Valentino Rossi! Rossi has nothing left to accomplish in Moto GP, and he is bored of winning there, and is looking for more competition and challenge.

Let us keep our fingers crossed, hoping to see one of the greatest fought battles in F1 in the coming years

Go Mclaren!