For the past two years, I have been a proud user of Samsung C-100 cell phone. I bought the phone for its sleek look and the clear color display. Though it has been a big let down in terms of other features, I still stuck with the phone.

Samsung phone book offers a great feature of saving more than one contact number under one name. This is a handy one, since I always had to save the different contact numbers of the same person under different names in Nokia phone, which makes the phone book very cluttered. I have been a using this facility to the maximum possible extend that sometimes I have been dumb enough to save the numbers of different people under the same name, which always ended up in a disaster.

Now coming to the disaster part, I have a friend whose name, for the time being, can be assumed as X. And I know a professor also with the same name. While saving the phone number of the professor, I saved it under the same name, and didn’t notice that both the numbers are listed under one single X.

Last week, on one of the days while I was enjoying my afternoon nap, I get a call from X. I get up, sees the name, and the immediate person that comes to my mind is my good friend X. I pick the phone, starts with a bang.
Me: Yes X, bol..
X: “Bulbs”
Me: Arey Tell daa..
X: Am I speaking to Sreejith?
Me: Yes, you are, Mr X. (putting pseude u know..)
X: Sreejith, this is Prof X here. Just wanted to talk to you about the meeting.
Me: “Bulb for two minutes.. I feel darkness inside my eyes, and suddenly my sleep ran away leaving me alone to handle this slightly confused Prof of mine.’
Me: yes sir, sorry sir, I thought it is my friend who is calling..
X: No probs, let us now discuss about the meeting..

From that moment, all my replies were formatted to the standard “Yes Sir”, and I don’t remember a single thing in the discussion. My thoughts suddenly became empty, and my memory seems to have core dumped at the right occasion (screw me..) and I had nothing to comment about his suggestions.

In the end of it, Me again: Sorry once again sir, I didn’t know it was you calling. i was expecting a call from my friend who also has the same name..
X: thats fine, may be u can do one thing, you can save my number as Prof. X instead of simply X.
Me: yes sir, I will do it now itself sir.
X: Ok then, see you, have a nice weekend ahead.
Me: yes sir, same to you sir.


And thus ends the embarrassing phone call, and God knows how will I behave the next time I meet him!

And from that day, I started hating my phone..