On Wednesday night, I happened to be infront of the Open Air Theater (OAT) at around 10.30 PM, when the Ugadi Special Telugu Movie Crowd was coming out of the theatre. As I was waiting for my friends to join me, I was left with nothing, but observe (bird watch he he) the crowd coming out of the theatre.

The first group looked very relieved from a shock, justifying the name of the movie. One can visualize these lot getting flabbergasted seeing the villains dominating and almost annihilating the hero, before he takes revenge on them. Once the hero gets into the mood of demolition, these people will get thrilled and will be on their heels whenever he bulldozes the villain. These are the ones who got back maximum value for the money they shelled out for the movie.

Another bunch seemed to be thoroughly dissatisfied with the plot,and were questioning the surrealism in the theme. I condemn them, as after so many years of Indian moviehood, it is a big crime to ask for realism in a movie. If you happen to come across one movie with a down-to-earth plot, then you are lucky. The b/t/k ollywood movies are more of masala movies, which elevates the audience to a fantasy world, where the hero is fighting against a depraved society. The hero, after so many setbacks, will emerge out of the ashes to demolish the villain, and the movie will carry an inspirational message for the public. In between, there will be a nice and ideal girl who is the hero’s love interest, and there will be a couple of song sequences shot somewhere in Europe or Australia. The movie cannot be categorized as thriller/ action/romance/sci fi/drama as they do in the Hollywood. They are more of a medley type.

Even the English movies are no way better. They are the stalwarts of the so called “cult” movies, which target a specific set of audience who are mesmerized by the director’s capabilities of narrating a simple story in a convoluted manner. There are a lot of these so called intellects floating around, David Lynch, Steven Speilberg, George Lucas to name a few. But I strongly support their movie making style, as long as they serve the ultimate purpose of entertaining the crowd.

Coming back to the movie crowd, a few of them were scurrying back home, as it was already late in the night. These guys will reserve their comments and reactions about the movie to a later point of time, as their immediate priority goes back to reach back home as soon as possible.

There were a lot of people who came in cars. They were seen honking the horns in order to get out of the traffic and move as fast as they can. Meanwhile one or two looked as though they were lost in the crowd, and were waiting for their partner to arrive. They can be observed standing under a tree and talking in the phone to the friend, giving him/her landmarks to identify the rendezvous spot.

In 10 minutes, the OAT was almost empty, with the laziest of the crowds strolling out chatting.Some of them were discussing the plot of the movie, and places where they were enthralled/ disappointed. Some others looked very tired after the two and a half hours of entertainment, and were telling his/her partner how hectic the day went, and how hectic he/she expects the next day to be, and the fact that he/she is very upset about it. And a third group, mostly couples were more interested in continuing with the flirting, which, I presume was what they were doing throughout the movie.

After everyone’s left, the staff started to close down the small tea counter outside the OAT. They closed the shutter, took their cycles and hurried back to their homes. They were more interested in reaching home as soon as possible than anything else, so were in no mood for a conversation. Finally the OAT looked very serene on that solar vapour lamp lit night.

My friends also came by then, and we started cycling back to the hostel.