Which is denser?—the pain of the son at the death of his father or the pain of the father at the death of his son?

I guess the second one is more painful. Parents love their kids much more than the kids love their parents. I have seen both of the cases, in the case of the pain of the kid, they seem to recover and move forward in life.

But in the case of parents, it is very sad to see many of them breaking down and failing to recover. I still remember a case where my close friend’s mother kept in sedation for more than a week after his death. She is still very lonely and sad about her son’s unfortunate demise. Whenever I come across some instance which reminds me of him, the image of his mother comes back to me, and this leaves me bereft, and motionless for moments.

Now the context of this post is, I have been reading Memoirs of a father by Eachara Varier. I am badly hurt, to type down anything more. It is too tragic a story.

One can download it for free from here. Its a small book and worth reading.

The response of K Karunakaran towards Eachara Varier’s death is even more disheartening.

The excerpts from The Hindu report goes on like this

” Democratic Indira Congress (Karunakaran) leader K. Karunakaran on Thursday was visibly disturbed when he was asked to comment on T.V. Eachara Warrier, father of P. Rajan who disappeared during the Emergency.

Talking to mediapersons here, Mr. Karunakaran termed the incident during the Emergency “unfortunate.” “But what is Eachara Warrier’s importance? What is his contribution to the country? Is he the representative of any political party or movement? Is he a litterateur? Why haven’t you bothered to find out the pain of a woman whose son was killed in the police station?” Mr. Karunakaran asked. The DIC(K) leader said he had won all the elections held after the Rajan case.”

One should be so inhumane to spit our words of insolence. Really beastly comments.

I am too sad to continue.

Thank you Colonial Cousins for this wonderful lyrics.

Darkness coming around,
And every body fight with the brother
Don’t hesitate to kill one-another
Every body wants control,
So come back as Jesus

Forgive us for what we’ve done
Come back and save the world
Bless all the future of every boy and girl
Come back as Allah,
Come back as Rama,
Come back as anyone

Visibly shaken and devastated,