My Hostel Rogue’s gallery Pic. (The hostel nite theme was Oscar, and I am holding one. I was caught unaware in this photo!)

Here is how my friends toasted me.

Sreejith “The Stepnie”

Funda of nick: When he was an Internal Publicity Co-ordinator for Shaastra in his second year, Topa and MCP (Two Seniors) pained him to introduce his fellow girl co-ords to them. Sreejith then asks: “Why do you want them? You already have girl friends, and you want some stepnies?”

The epitome of innocence [:)], at least to those who don’t know him [:(]. The guy should have been pained but was too nice to be [?]. He is probably the second most popular guy among girls in Kerala [:D, phew!], after Mohanlal [:O].

He still has his 10th class autograph book which has entried from his friends. He doesn’t remember a thing about the guys in his class, but remembers every minute details about the girls [:| This was a conspiracy against me. They asked only about the whereabouts of my classmates belonging to fairer sex.]

Unconfirmed reports say that he has learnt all his biological lessons from monkeys. Once when a troop of monkeys attacked the hostel wing, and all junta were cowering in their rooms, he peeps through the window, and closely observes two monkeys making out [When? :X]

Stepnie has two faces. One, his normal cheerful nature, which is seen quite often, and the other, that of a maajor bulber. Sometimes he just takes your breath away. He may just look up at the sky, point at a plane and ask what it is (exaggerated :X). So, he is also known as Pottan. During one of Prof. X’s corrosion classes, when he was talking about hydrogen damaged blow holes, Stepnie, after listening closely for half and hour, suddenly asks, “What is that blow job thing sir?
[Who said I was listening? The incident was embarassing, but :((]

You can never watch a movie with him. He always sleeps off just before the end. He has even slept during in the theatres during the movies. (True: The movie was atrocious, and the most logical thing then to do was to sleep off).

A veggie during the morning, after noon and evening, he suddenly transforms into a carnivore at night,especially during the full moon nights. (Grrr… and please don’t tell my mom that I eat non veg :P)

He can be unusually pessimistic at times. During the Alumni Affairs Secretary elections (Both hostel and institute), he used to go to vibin and tell him: “Machaa, I don’t think they are voting for me. I am gonna lose daa”. He incidentally won both the elections. (True)

He has a fascinating choice of colors, fluorescent being his favorites (Yeah, so?)

Lately he has become very diplomatic, possibly preparing for the challenges of his office work. For this year Saarang, he was a PR coordinator for IViL. He has come up with gems such as “First we must discuss the issue and then come to a conclusion.” (Hurr…what is wrong in that?)

To stepnie, our mallu boy, we toast!