shaastra is the annual technical fest of our college. It is the first ISO certified technical festival in India. It is one of the tech fests which, I believe one should participate at least once in his life time. Its simply worth it! You get lots of prizes in case you win some event. Prizes include cash prizes of the order of 6000-8000 Rs, goodies of the kind iPod, Bike, Internships in prestigious firms such as ge etc. Moreover you get to listen to some great techies and entreprenuers sharing their experience, you listen to a lot of technological happenings through out the world, you listen to nobel laureates through video conferences etc. You also can participate in lot of events such as robotics, programming contest, software/hardware design, quizzes, how things work, Make things work, Rocketry etc. You can attend workshops on latest happenings in technology and management.

If one feel his/her head is too much bogged down with tech, you can take a break, and participate in events such as gamedrome, where you compete on games such as counter strike, quake, aoe etc. or you can participate in ignobel paper presentation or read the newsletter that is very nice. In the evenings, you can watch a few sci fi movies as well.

Its real fun, and more importantly, you learn a lot. So, come be a part of shaastra if you still are in college.

Here is the promo video of shaastra 06, enjoy! And don’t count on me because, I am passing out this year 😀