Amitabh for prez?  Though the “big b” has dismissed these rumours, I am amused by this it. Amitabh, perhaps is arguably the best entertainer Bollywood has seen. He may not be the best actor of all time,but he has the charm that made him numero uno.The “BigB” brand is one of the highest valued Indian brand, only next to the batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar.

The popularity of Amitabh, as far as I know could be attributed to his metamorphosis from the guy next door roles to the ones that show strong and unique character (like Sarkar and Black) through the highly popular angry young man phase.Moreover, his personal image has always been “clean” (We always give unwanted weightage to one’s real life persona, while rating the star; Otherwise, how can Rajini be a bigger star than Kamal in Tamil moviehood?). After the dark phase of ABC going bankrupt and the notoriety for tax evasion, he has emerged out to be the biggest winner of Bollywood, thanks to KBC and a string of movies which brought Amitabh back to the thick of things.

But the question remains, is it all enough? So far, Amitabh has shown that he is a definite crowd puller, an absolute entertainer and a smart businessman (?). But as far as president goes, one needs to have a vision and passion for the nation. Amitabh is definitely passionate about acting, more than that, he wants to be in the good books of millions of his fans.

Let us examine the case of Mr. Kalam. He showed his faculty by heading the rocket research (ISRO) and is widely appreciated for his feats. Moreover, he is known for his humilty and erudition. Despite all these, he started poorly as it took time for him to learn the tricks of the trade, and he improvised immensely, emerging as a quality President. Within his limited strata of power (I don’t believe that the President has the absolute power in democratic systems. The rubber stamp Presidents under Indira Gandhi taught us so), he was able to assert his authority and demonstrate his character.

Coming to Bachchan, he has never got a chance to proclaim conspicuously his vision or passion for the nation, owing to the nature of his work. He has devoted a lot of efforts and hard work to reach where he is right now. His efforts were complimented by the charisma that I mentioned earlier, and succeeded in luring the masses. But in the highest administrative and diplomatic levels,  glamour won’t work as smoothly and effectively as they do in stardom. Moreover, we don’t need a president who is hell bent in preserving his feel good impression amongst the masses, as this could be a serious hindrance to his unbiased thoughts.

So, who we need is a tough president, who knows about his jurisdictions. T N Sheshan (noone likes arrogance!) could be a good choice, so is Shashi Tharoor (He needs to dispose off his obsession for diplomacy and euphemism though!). But, believe it or not, politicians always want a dummy president. Indira Gandhi has been the pioneer of this idea. Hence the natural choice for them could be someone who has been very popular amongst the masses, and is a repertoire in his field, but a total rookie when it comes to politics. On the course of this idea, they totally underestimated the brains of Kalam, and the idea boomeranged. Neverthless, the bunch is incorrigible, and hence I would not be flabbergasted when encountered with the flash news that Bachchan is unanimously elected to be the next president of the nation. All said and done, Mr. Bachchan could still bamboozle them, and culminate his transformation from the guy next door into the Prez next term.