India almost out of world cups. Whom to blame? The coach? Or  The team?  

Statistics of our performance for the past 10 years or so shows that Team India always buckled under pressure. They always lost when it mattered the most, the only exception being the historic win at Lords during Natwest Trophy. This may sound psychological, but it is a fact, and India needs to work on making themselves tough, to get going when things become tough.  

I am not disagreeing to the fact that Indians took the Bangladesh match light and paid heavy price for that. Against Srilanka, Indian bowlers bowled as though they belong to a different league altogether, without any shade of luck. That shows Team India were serious, though they buckled yet again, unable to handle the pressure during the latter part of the game. It was almost like a repeat of 1996 semis, I still remember Vinod Kambli walking off crying that day. 

Many may argue that India were under prepared. But, the warm up matches showed otherwise. India bundled out West Indies for 85, and won the match comfortably. Again one can float up the theory that one match hardly shows anything. This same theory holds good for the match against Bangladesh. 

Now about blaming Indian performance on the money centric players who feature more in cheap commercials than their practice matches, sports is a field where one’s career is limited, and one injury is good enough to take them away from limelight.

Furthermore, cricketers are celebrities and they need to live up to their status. So, to live such a luxurious life, they need to make money when their commercial value is high. Sure, we think players like Sachin have earned enough, and we call them money minded. How about people like Amitabh Bachchan? He got a Bentley free of cost from Amar Singh right? How could Amar Singh get it? Of course a politician cannot earn it from his salary. Aren’t these people greedier than these set of cricketers? Then why let them Scot free? If the politicians showed 10% of the commitment that team India showed, India would have been in a much better position right now. And Sachin wouldn’t have stayed in the team had he not shown a high level of commitment so far in his long career of 17 years. One should never forget that n ot many have stayed fit and focused for that long. 

I am not trying to justify Team India’s performance. Sure, they need to get the stick for what they did in World Cup. I just wanted to say that Indian team doesn’t deserve to be treated so badly to the extent of peltering stones at their houses, and stopping one session in Parliament (for which the loss runs into lakhs, if I am correct). What we require is, people with vision at the top, who can nurture the talented young players of
India, make them tough to stand the pressure and perform up to the expectation of a billion of fans. Otherwise, we will have to see more hara-kiris performed by Team India at crunch situations.

 IIT JEE to have only 2 papers? 

I somehow am not able to absorb this news. During our years, we had a screening test followed by a main examination, which was mainly subjective. The subjective exam is considered to be the toughest to crack. Essentially the subjective exam used to tune our problem solving abilities to match with those which we encountered during our course work during IITs. I have to say the objective system is going to make the life of students difficult, as they may take time to get themselves accustomed to the quiz questions and tutorials for the courses.

Making the JEE system easy may not be the right move. I have not understood why they were insisting on making it easier. It could be to make JEE fair and square for all the candidates, as the tough format was dominated by the coaching classes, who used to encourage students from bunking their higher secondary classes, through which they miss the essential interaction of students. This inturn had resulted in what they call “nerds” coming out of IITs. This reason is something that I never understood. How could an easier paper result in more people attending their 11th and 12th classes? The coaching centers will make sure that they don’t miss a single point required for JEE, for which they will still go ahead with rigorous coaching schedules.