India is out of World Cup. So is Pakistan. And along with them went the majority of the crowd as well.

I was watching West Indies- New Zealand match yesterday. The stadium was almost empty. Even the test matches in India are not so poorly attended. For West Indies, it is a home match. It is appalling if the matches of home team are so poorly attended. The India- Sri Lanka and Bangladesh- Bermuda matches, the ones that sealed the fate of our team, was better attended than WI- NZ match.

What is the reason for this “unprecedented and unanticipated” phenomena. Some people point the fingers to the fact that West Indians are more interested in basket ball than cricket these days. I heard John Wright attributing to the fall out in crowd to the high rates of tickets that are sold. Anyways, this is a serious issue that ICC needs to introspect. They should realize that, in order to make cricket a global sport, supporting new nations is not the only thing required, but they also should bring positive changes in the format of the game.

I get a feeling that cricket sells only in the subcontinent and in the southern hemisphere. In comparison with the football counterpart, the state of cricket is piteous. When we see the worst qualifiers for FIFA World Cup selling out, it is hard to accept that the Super Eight is finding it difficult to attract the crowd.

I heard that after the shocking exit of Indians and Pakis, all major sponsers for cricket are reviewing if the money they spend is really worth it. Moreover, cricket pundits all over predict that ESPN Star are never going to recover the money they pumped in, to grab the contract from ICC. Anyways, let us wait and watch.