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What happens if the power is given to the undeserved? When these headless chickens are the flag bearers of our nation, who suffers on the long run? Two separate incidents last week can answer this question better than any other in the recent past.

The first one involves Mr. Ronen Sen, Indian Ambassador to US. When he made a seemingly harmless comparison of the journalists who run around with all the dirt splashed by the great communist gurus to headless chicken, whose ego is hurt? It hit the stalwart Comrades who still live under the glory of the 19thcentury greats like Carl Marx. They went to the extent of demanding a calling back of Mr. Ronen Sen for this minor incident. Mr. Sen is a diplomat; normally we don’t expect them to get entangled in controversies like this. But the unexpected happened.

On a closer look, why did the commies get incensed when Mr. Sen called the journalists headless chicken? Is it some kind of “self realization” that the great sages talk about now and then, followed by the inferiority complex that emerged out of it? When you are addressed daily by appellations worse than a headless chicken in the Parliament, why do you take them in a sporty manner? Mr. Sen, if I am correct, would have burned the midnightoil, in order to reach the position what he is today, unlike the commies who must have been more interested in strikes and college union during their screwed up college life, through which they came to power. One should respect his education if not anything else while demanding an apology in front of these headless donkeys. Moreover, are commies so low on self esteem to get pricked by a comment that is supposedly pointed toward the journalists? Is this move motivated by their guilty conscience about their irrational stand on nuclear deal? I am not a staunch supporter of the nuclear deal, but had there been any doubts regarding the deal, why didn’t Mr. Prakash Karat, who is the biggest of the losers point it out before the Congress made their intentions public? How can incorrigible and obnoxious individuals like Mr. Nilotpal Das make totally outrageous comments like Communists have always supported actions that are meant for the progress of the nation? , Getting back to the poor show against Mr Sen, was there a need for this big hue and cry? Now who are the real headless chickens? Commies or the journos? They should be ashamed to accept the unconditional apologies from Mr. Sen. Moreover, they should be charged for the mockery made by them against the educated lot. Incidents like this send wrong signals to the youth regarding power and authority. In my opnion, people who use their clout for wrong reasons like this should be stripped of their power and banished from politics forever.

The second incident is about the omission of “The Wall”. Rahul Dravid is one of the most prolific batsman Indiahas ever seen in the recent past. He is one of the rarest of its breed to ever bless the game of cricket. Moreover, he is a gentleman, a gem of a sportsman. He has been chosen by Gillette to be a part of the big league of Roger Federer and Tiger Woods in their latest advertisement. In the last series, his form has been dismal, scoring two ducks. But, is one series good enough to estimate one’s position in the team? In that case, why didn’t Sachin get dropped after his dismal Windies series? Why did they not drop Agarkar for long time? Another Mr. Obnoxious (thanks to Vamsi for this terminology) Dilip Vengsarkar, has been cheap enough to make illogical remarks like selection is purely based on merit, and form. Then how the fuck did he choose Sehwag? Where has he shown his form? When our Mr. Obnoxious raised doubts about Dravid’s fitness, he chose not to comment about the fittest on earth Sehwag and his paunch. When Mr. Obnoxious’ love interest Sachin was struggling for form, he used resort to the good old saying “Form is temporary and Class is permanent”. Keep shuffling Sachin from batting position 4 to 7, and let him maintain the average more than Dravid, I will eat my word. (In fact the primary reason for Sachin to make a public comment about Greg Chappel’s mishandling of the team was the latter’s opinion regarding his batting position. Apparently Chappel wanted Sachin to move down to middle order, which the little master found offending. He, though is the greatest batsman on earth, belongs to the same league of Mr. Vengsarkar when it comes to politics and ego.)

Dravid has been the victim of the cheap ego and politics. I am sure Sachin will hold the grudge against Dravid for the Chappel incident as well as the great declaration at 194 in Sydney(I hope I got it right). Otherwise, why does it take him so long to support Dravid? I can understand why Dhoni is keeping quiet. He is new, and he would not like to get out of sorts with the team management so early. Moreover he is afraid that such a stand will affect the solidarity of the team, with the influence of Sachin still strong on players like Yuvi and Sourav. The onus, no lies on seniors like Sachin and Dada to take the issue up with Sharad Pawar if required.

If this is the “Indian” way to treat gentlemen, then there is something seriously wrong with the system. Or you need to become another Nilotpal Das or Prakash Karat or Dilip Vengsarkar.

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