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Saw this article today in the net.. Yet to read it though!


Yes! I am back after a long break, of 1 year 6 months!

What an auspicious time to start! It is Onam! in another 10 days it is Onam!

For all those who don’t know what Onam is, here goes the link

Speaking of Onam, it brings a sense of nostalgia to all Malayalees. Everyone will surely have fond memories of the 10 beautiful days of their life, which used to come every year till they passed out of school 😉

For all the new generation, it is a time when they can either go back to their hometown, or catch up with some missed contacts/ movies etc. Anyway, Onam is something close to every Malayalee’s heart.

1 Question to end the post:

Imaging the case of Mudalvan. Let me explain the case here (BTW, I have joined a B School, so one can hear more “cases” coming! Phew!).

Mahabali, as usual, comes to Kerala this year too. He was bedazzled by the things happening in Kerala. He saw people going around in masks, thanks to H1N1. He saw the ads of Onam night party organized by a Pub in Cochin He saw the performance of our chief minister, who would have made a better Kathakali artist than anything else.

It was at this time he suddenly meets Vamanan. (Vamanan is also in a bad state today, sadly all priests are supposedly earning peanuts 😦 )

He offers this deal to Mahabali: “Sorry Mahabali, it was a big mistake to have pushed you down to the underworld. I, in the process displaced a lot of Asuras who are now ruling our state. I am giving you an offer. You can become the ruler again, for the next 10 days. Please get me the Kerala which I saw when I came to Earth on that dreaded day”

Mahabali, bowing to Vamana: “Oh your highness, why do you want to push me down again? 😦 I am living a happy life in the underworld. Why are you determined to spoil my happiness”

Vamana: “Oh! Mahabali, you cannot say this. I am desperate here. People are indirectly blaming for all the sad state of affairs in My (God) own country. Please help me at this time. You can leave after 10 days, I will not stop you. Please Mahabali, you will gain salvation after this”

Mahabali: “Oh your Highness, but..”

Vamana: “NO but, you have agreed, thank you very much for your consent” (disappears)

Mahabali: “Oh my God, why me?”

That was when our unsuspecting global mellu (GM) reach Cochin Bus Stand in Airavat (KSRTC Volvo from Bengaluru). GM is having a Lenovo Bag, i-pod (for shtyle), Nike Sandals, Levi Strauss and Co jeans and Iron Maiden Tees.

GM: “Hey Old man Sukhamaano? (in Ranjini Haridas accent).”

Mahabali: “Athe Puthra, nee evidunnu varunne, enthu cheyyunnu?”

GM: “Well, I am, I mean, njan Techtreeyil consultant aayi work cheyyunnu”

Mahabali: “Puthra, I have a good offer for you”

GM: “tell me old man”

Mahabali: ” ……………………………………………………… (full narration of the situation)”

GM:” Hmmm.. kurachu pulivaalu pidicha paniya, still, onnu sramichu nokkam (I will try)”

So, GM is the consultant to Mahabali for 10 days. The mission: Resurrect Kerala.

What should GM recommend?

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